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We are Professional Organizer & Interiors

Professional organizing is an in-demand, growing industry. ORDER Professional Organizer & Interiors is here to help you build the life you were made for.


In our country, Ethiopia interior design has been a long-standing industry, and Pack & ​​Move has been in operation and considered as a business only for the past three years. But our society is new to the idea of ​​organizing and decluttering. And we “Order Professional Organizer & Interiors” besides interior designing and pack and move services offer a wide range of services, from consultancy to straightforward decluttering and organizing homes and offices, sourcing storage solutions, and cataloging and archiving. We even offer home-sitting, shopping, and secretarial and concierge services. We can help you organize any of the physical and digital spaces in your life. We Order Professional Organiser & Interiors are always working to create efficient, thoughtfully organised, stylish and welcoming spaces for clients and all they invite into their homes.
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Event Planning and Organizing

It’s necessary to have high organization skills in event planning to ensure the event runs smoothly. Event planners need to be organized when it comes to preparation and planning of the event. Next, arranging and coordinating people is an important part of event planning that also requires organization.

The purpose of decluttering?

You may think your house is messy but not dirty. But it’s hard to clean around piles of belongings. Decluttering can prevent pests and reduce dust, mold, and mildew, which may trigger asthma and allergies. Improved lifestyle and well-being.

Space planning and its importance?

Space planning is the core of any interior design. It is usually the allocation and division of interior space to meet the requests and needs of an individual client whether they are looking to plan a residential house or even an office building.

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